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In 2017 Nanban is born in Milan, Italy, with the purpose of introducing in Italy and in Europe the best out of Japanese production, ranging from classic design to skilled craftsmanship.

Nanban aims to be a bridge between two worlds, an attempt to bring in Europe a different idea of Japan, closer to the vitality and beauty of everyday Japan, made out of timeless and essential objects, not only durable, but and above all destined to acquire an emotional dimension in time.

From design maestros Sori Yanagi and Keisuke Serizawa’s masterpieces, to anonymous craftsmen’s inventions, telling the story that lies behind every object, Nanban purpose is to represent the great richness of Japanese culture throughout its own creations.

We have assembled a carefully curated collection of new item and modern antics, some more familiar, others waiting to be discovered, and we work every day to expand it and to convey an increasingly complete and suggestive image of what for us represents that world within the world that is Japan.