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The House of Light

2 months

Away from the beaten paths of tourism, in the rural Echigo-Tsumari region, and more precisely on the heights of the city of Tokamachi, in the heart of the Echigo Mountains, an hour's journey from Tokyo on board of the Hokuhoku Line and after a short ride by car, there is a surprising contemporary work of art: the House of Light.

Kaiseki: the Zen and the art of food

3 months

Far from everyday Japanese cuisine, lies a purest and aesthetically superior way of creating and serving food, which sinks its roots in Zen buddhism: the Kaiseki kitchen. A form of art and an extraordinary ritual that tells a lot about Japanese culture and philosophy of life.

Yayoi's Temple

4 months

In the heart of Tokyo, a new lighthouse lit up, inviting those who reach it to dive into the strange and explosive atmospheres of one of Japan's greatest contemporary artists, Yayoi Kusama.

The camellias’ island

6 months

Just over one and a half hours of sailing from Tokyo, it is possible to immerse themselves in an unknown Japan, away from the frenzy of the metropolis, which recalls the most intimate atmospheres of Yasuhirō Ozu’s legendary black and white masterpieces.

The Marvellous Yanagi

9 months

Bringing the Japanese crafts legacy to contemporary and beyond: that's what Yanagi Sōetsu and his son Sori devoted their lives to, preserving the best of Japanese traditions and enhancing it to build the foundations of contemporary Japanese design.

The art islands

10 months

Nothing short of extraordinary, a paradise for contemporary art lovers exists just off the coast of Okayama. Its name is Benesse Art Site and everybody should beg a visit once in a lifetime.

Starry Ramen

12 months

Since the launch of the dedicated famous guide, in 2007, Tokyo has and continues to boast the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants in the world. And now another bright star joined the party.

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