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Craft beer glass joukou / stout

€ 10
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For each kind of beer its glass: this is the principle behind this collection of three glasses, designed to bring out the best features of each beer. A simple but extraordinary idea, awarded in Japan with the Good Design Award. The lager beer glass, with its clear shape, enhances its refreshing character: the beer passes through the center of the tongue and goes directly to the back of the throat, for a fresh wave of pleasure. The amber beer glass enhances its velvety character: the wide edge spreads the taste of the beer to the entire palate, while the roundness of the bottom allows its richer aroma to develop. Finally, the stout glass emphasizes the deep aroma, making the beer flow to the center of the tongue and the back of the mouth, enhancing its intense flavor. From a country that loves beer to all its fervent fans. Holds up to 245ml.

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