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Dōso - spaghetti measure - Marquinia black

€ 95

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Designed by Tsukasa Goto and Marco Guazzini and made of green Guatemala marble, Dōso is, first of all, a practical spaghetti measure: the three grooves obtained in marble, in fact, represent the three most common sizes of pasta portions - 100, 80 and 60 grams, which recall the figures of father, mother and child - which can be easily combined to satisfy the different appetite of each diner. But the usefulness of Dōso does not end with this function: once spaghetti are dosed, it can be used both to accomodate wooden spoons and ladles necessary to prepare the pasta sauce, and, facing downwards, as solid support for small pots. Finally, when the meal is over, Dōso blends perfectly with the environment like a small, elegant sculpture. Dōso is a name between East and West: in Italian, it refers to the gesture of dividing into “doses” (I measure = Io doso); in Japanese, instead, Dōso, with the lengthening on the first or (which resembles a small spaghetti), recalls the colloquial pronunciation of douzo (どうぞ), which literally means "please", an invitation that can gather multiple meanings: first of all, it is an invitation to receive both the object itself - which is an ideal gift - and the meal whose preparation aims to facilitate - almost making it a game - and, finally, to discover its most hidden but equally useful functions. A new creation by Nanban for its "East meets West" series, which brings together Japanese designer Tsukasa Goto, his Italian counterpart Marco Guazzini and the expert hands of Carrara marble workers: a further, perfect synthesis of Eastern and Western skills, which can be found and merge in Dōso. Made from scraps of marble processing, Dōso gives them a new life, allowing anyone to enjoy such a noble and precious material in the simplicity of a daily gesture. Marquinia black marble. The ideal gift for those who love experimenting in the kitchen - but even in front a piece of art! 12 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm