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Folding knife M - steel

€ 30
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This folding knife, called Higo no Kami (肥後守), has a long history behind it. His birth dates back to the late 1800s, when a man named Tasaburo Shigematsu asked a blacksmith named Teji Murakami from the area of ​​Miki - famous for the abundant iron sands and therefore home to countless blacksmiths - to reproduce a knife coming from the province of Kyūshū: however, this knife had a flaw, as it lacked a mechanism to stop the blade. The story has it that it was Murakami who decided to add a blade lever, giving the knife its current design, already greeted by an extraordinary success at the time. The knife is called Higo no Kami, which in Japanese means "Lord of Higo", this because the original knife came from Kyūshū, at the time called Higo. But, curiously, Higo no Kami was also the noble title historically given to the Daimyo of Aizu, whose last exponent was the well-known samurai Matsudaira Katamori. The success of the knife led to the founding of a corporation to protect its manufacture: today, only a blacksmith guards its tradition. Once widespread among young Japanese students, it remains now as then an extraordinary knife, equipped with an exceptional quality carbon steel blade, forged in the "sanmai" style, simple to sharpen. A very special piece of Japanese history. The blade length is about 75mm, while the overall length is around 170mm.

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