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Maneki neko - black

€ 12
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For hundreds of years, the most classic of Japanese lucky charms, the maneki neko (招き猫), the "beckoning cat", has been said to call luck to its owner with its gesture. This small but exquisite lucky charm, made in Japan, in addition to being a splendid representation of the maneki neko, also contains a small fortune slip, in Japanese, which can be retrieved by pulling the string under the base. It is also said that the maneki neko that raises its right paw, as in its white version, especially brings good luck with money, while when it raises its left paw, as in the black version, it brings good luck with people. Ceramica, rope, paper. For cat lovers, as a nice way to bring luck and for the fun of discovering what's inside! 3 cm x 4 cm x 3 cm