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Mitsubishi pen Boxy 100

€ 4
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Since its first introduction in 1979, the Boxy 100 has been considered a cult amongst generations of Japanese student. A unique flat-sided shape (that gives the pen its name), a top push button that extends the tip and stays down when pressed, and a signature orange side push button that retracts the tip and releases the top push button: this is a design that, at the time, blew every Japanese mind away. Not only it provides an extraordinary and comfortable writing experience, it also allows you to play a fun game! Japanese students would take race car-shaped erasers and stage races and battles on their desks by lining the erasers up against the retracted top push buttons and then propelling them forward by pushing the pens' orange side button.

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Plastic. Dependable and versatile, with a unique Japanese style, this is another must-have for all desktops. 1 cm x 1 cm x 12 cm