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MT masking tape - Tadanori Yokoo / poster

€ 15

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This is a masking tape like no one else: retaining all the Japanese quality that makes it a great tape on its own right, it's the design that sets it apart from everyday masking tape. It includes a series of images by Tadanori Yokoo, one of Japan's most successful and internationally recognized graphic designers and artists. Still producing amazing art nowadays, his work was already described in 1968 by the likes of Yukio Mishima with these words: "Tadanori Yokoo's works reveal all of the unbearable things which we Japanese have inside ourselves and they make people angry and frightened. He makes explosions with the frightening resemblance which lies between the vulgarity of billboards advertising variety shows during festivals at the shrine devoted to the war dead and the red containers of Coca Cola in American Pop Art, things which are in us but which we do not want to see". A great tool and a playful way to have a touch of Japanese contemporary art around. 7 meters long. Rice paper. A wonderful tool and a playful way to have a touch of Japanese contemporary art around: perfect combo! 4 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm