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Mug black S

€ 39
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Colored by carbonized zaffre without using glaze, this hand-made black tea cup is developed in collaboration with tea professionals, in order to put this technical marvel at the service of optimal tea tasting. Each cup is made of Amakusa Touseki - a porcelain stone mined from the mountains of the Amakusa region - in one of Japanese porcelain cradle: Arita. The interior has a simple clear ash glaze, whilst the outside carries a finish called "kuro-gosu", developed when the surface of the red Tokoname clay turns a deep even black on firing. Beside gradually earning a patina over time, which contributes to making it even more unique, the rough texture of the opaque surface conveys a feeling that is difficult to describe, but that embodies a deep sense of the Orient. Porcelain. For a remarkable tea-time, a superb mug. 8 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm