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Nagasaki kite - dragon's eyes

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Handmade by the last craftsman who still today manufactures the traditional Nagasaki kites, whose first specimens with the typical diamond shape date back to the 17th century, these kites have achieved such popularity over the centuries that they had to be regulated, due to the damages they constantly caused to the roofs of the samurai mansions. Also called "groupers" (hata, ハタ), due to their resemblance to the flags (hata, 旗) that flew on the ships of foreign traders, the so-called Nanban, some of the designs still reproduce flags and insignia of Dutch ships, in a perfect combination between East and West. The dragon eyes motif recalls the legendary Dragon God Ryūjin (龍神), god of the sea and lord of snakes for the Shinto religion, master of medicine and symbol of the power of the oceans but also god of rain, therefore also revered as a tutelary deity of agriculture, with several temples across rural areas in Japan. Therefore, the dragon has always been considered auspicious in a country like Japan, surrounded by water. Because it's handmade, each kite is slightly different. In addition to flying, also in Japan they are often hung on the walls at home, like works of art.

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Bamboo, washi paper. For flight lovers, for a good omen or to decorate the house in an elegant and original way. 60 cm x 65 cm x 1 cm