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Ojiya chijimi handkerchief

€ 28
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Without snow the fabric of this large handkerchief (50x50cm), called in Japan Ojiya Chijimi, like the technique with which it is made, could not exist. Since 2009 a Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage, this popular local textile tradition of Niigata produces a fabric unique in the world, the result of different phases of craftsmanship. It starts with the manual harvesting of the plants (ramie or hemp), the extraction of the fibers, the hand twist in wires and the weaving on traditional looms; the latter is made by tightening the thread firmly, creating a distinctive ripple called "shibo", which gives a smooth and fresh feeling to the fabric, making it ideal for the hot and humid Japanese summer, when it is also used to keep it around the neck and to wipe away sweat. Finally, the fabric is washed in warm water and massaged, after which the last step consists in putting the wet fabric on the snow for ten or twenty days, fixing the colors. A long process for a truly exceptional fabric. Ramie. Fresh, elegant and with a unique feeling to the touch: a great gift and a wonderful piece of Japan to bring everywhere. 50 cm x 50 cm x 0.5 cm