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Okaeri chopsticks

€ 28
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Okaeri (おかえり) in Japanese means "welcome home" and this familiar greeting explains the meaning behind the creation of these chopsticks: the design - which recalls a typical lacquer decoration very common in the past and now disappeared - and the bamboo, used more and more rarely in chopsticks' production, want to be a reference to traditional chopsticks, with a contemporary touch. Made with wild bamboo recovered from the forests of Kumamoto and Fukuoka in a sustainable and useful way to maintain the natural balance of the environment, the Okaeri chopsticks are then worked manually one by one, just like the decoration in the traditional urushi lacquer is added by hand. The packaging, produced in recycled paper, recalls in the shapes the legend of Princess Kaguya, made famous through the animated film by Studio Ghibli, which tells of the discovery by a farmer of a luminous creature with the appearance of a princess inside a bamboo stem. Winner of numerous accolades, including a 2021 ADC Award, a 2020 Omotenashi Nippon Gold Award and the Topawards Asia. Length: 23 cm. Hand wash gently and air dry. Do not put in dishwasher. Made in Japan.

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