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Phantom glass - Kitsune (with box)

€ 55

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Scary phantoms' stories come to life in this limited edition serie of glasses, each one synthesizing a famous Japanese Yokai tale. Skillfully made by glassmakers' masters in Tokyo. This glass depicts the character of the Kitsune - the fox spirit - the most powerful of Japan’s magical animals, able to turn into human form and protagonist of countless Yokai tales, such as the Kitsune no Yomeiri (the fox wedding), well-known all over Japan: on dark and silent nights, in secret places, strings of lanterns or torches can be seen stretching out in single file in an unbroken chain more than two miles long. It is a rare sight, but an unmistakable one. It can be seen most often in Kanbara county, and it is said that on such night young foxes claim their mates. Hand-blown glass, wood. A special glass, masterfully made: a must for everyone in love with Japanese culture and a wonderful wedding gift. 9 cm x 9 cm x 7 cm