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Sickle n. 405

€ 29

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Japanese swords's tradition, applied to gardening: Okatsune's sickle n. 405, with a 15cm razor sharp blade, is also a reference point for all Japanese gardeners, in every respect. Designed with the best ergonomics, with a 33,5cm wooden handle, and colored in red to make them easily traceable in the green, it displays the best blade you could wish for: sharpened one by one and forged by the most expert blacksmiths using traditional techniques using steel special Izumo Yusugi - the same used for samurai's katanas - they are ideal for cutting flowers and grass and for weeding. The metal processing technique and special materials used, exclusive to the Izumo region, ensure that the blades reach an unparalleled hardness (equal to 61/61 on the Rockwell scale, a value never achieved in this field), which is reflected in perfect cuts. Simple to use and to maintain, once cleaned and oiled after intense use, we can say that they are made to last forever. Number 1 in Japan. Izumo Yasugi steel and wood. The best of the best, for the joy of gardening enthusiasts and also that of their plants. 43 cm x 18 cm x 4 cm