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Small hammered teapot 0,85L

€ 34

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This teapot is the exact replica of the early Showa period ones, so diffused all over Japan. Made by hammered soft silver anodized aluminium, this small but capacious teapot holds up to almost three quarters of a liter, which is enough for at least five cups of tea, herbs, and every other infusion. A fine internal stainless steel strainer filter all leaves out. Besides the aesthetics, the dimples on the outside help conducting heat, accelerating the boiling procedure, as it can also be used directly as a small kettle. The aluminium anodizing makes it stronger and more durable than ordinary aluminum. Once also produced in Japan, nowadays they are made only in Korea, with the same quality and attention to detail. Not IH compatible. Aluminium, hard plastic. Light, handy and easy to clean, it’s the perfect teapot for a few cups of tea, herbs, and every other infusion, both at home and on the road. 17 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm