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Tanipetit cooking scale - white

€ 39
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This is not just a Japanese design classic, but a strikingly handy cooking scale for home use. Nicknamed "tanipetit" (タニペティ), blending the manufacturer's name, Tanita - a Japanese legend in professional scales - with French "petit", to underline its compact size. Being completely analog, there's no need to worry about running out of battery; its precision is exactly as expected, Japanese, and thanks to its thin design, it can easily fit in the drawer, saving plenty of space. A clever knob attached to the upper part of the main body allows to adjust the scale to zero before using, so that it is also possible to set a different starting tare. It measures within a weight range between 0 and 1000g. Plastic. A simple and perfect cooking scale for everyday use, in the best Japanese tradition. 11 cm x 20 cm x 3 cm