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Tenugui mameshibori - red II

€ 16
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Tenuguis are the traditional Japanese hand towels, cotton made: they are amazing jack of all trades and are often decorated, as this amazing couple, which comes in dots: therefore, this tenugui is nicknamed mameshibori, which literally means “bean squeeze”, as the design resembles small beans that have been lined up and squeezed tightly. The line of beans also symbolizes an uninterrupted line of descendants, so that mameshibori also express a wish for prosperity and that one’s descendants will span for many generations. The decoration is obtained thanks to an incredible frame, where each design is hand-printed on 30-meter-long fabrics, subsequently cut with precision. The cut is intentionally not hemmed, as after having lost some thread, the tenugui will naturally keep its shape. Cotton. An amazing and beautiful jack of all trades, that always comes in handy. 90 cm x 35 cm x 0.2 cm