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Tenugui shōchikubai - pine

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Tenuguis are the traditional Japanese hand towels, cotton made: they are amazing jack of all trades and are often decorated, thanks to an amazing loom, where each pattern is printed by hand on a single tissue 30 meters long, then precisely cut in several pieces. The resulting cut isn't sewn on purpose, as after losing some threads, the process will stop and the tenugui will keep its shape naturally. The pattern of this tenugui is an interpretation of the so-called shōchikubai (松竹梅 ), literally “pine, bamboo, plum”, also known as the "three friends of winter", celebrated by Chinese first and Japanese after, as they observed that these plants do not wither as the cold days deepen into the winter season, unlike many others. Together they symbolize steadfastness, perseverance, and resilience and they are highly regarded in Confucianism and as such represent the scholar-gentleman's ideal. Starting from the concept of shōchikubai, the main subject of this tenugui is the pine. Cotton. An amazing and beautiful jack of all trades, that always comes in handy. 90 cm x 35 cm x 0.2 cm