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Tool box Y-280

€ 35

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Since its first introduction on the Japanese market in 1984, this amazing tool box - designed by Keiyu Hisashi - became an instant classic, set in stone with a Long Life Good Design Award in 2009. Light and sturdy, weighing just 1,1kg, it is made in Osaka from a single plate of the best Japanese steel, which makes it seamless, incredibly durable and easy to carry around. The round handle has no sharp edges and the clever design of the lock allows to add a φ4mm padlock (not included) for extra-safety. 27,6x13,6x7cm on the inside, it can hold loads of tools of any kind, while the domed lid allows for even more capacity. In short, simply the handiest tool box for every home. Steel. Sleek, light and sturdy: just an amazing way to keep your tools tidy and bring them around wherever you need them. 29 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm