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Chitchatting with Friends: La Tigre

Face to face with La Tigre, the eclectic Milanese graphic studio whose unmistakable sign signs the last tenugui of the East meets West series: suggestions, inspirations and dreams, with a touch of optical.

by Giacomo Donati

Where does your passion for graphics come from?

L: It comes from far away, as a child I had a small toy kitchen, instead of cooking I made the packaging of the items to put on the shelves. I've always loved colors in all their forms, especially on paper. When I see a color or a pattern that attracts me, I stop to contemplate it and my soul resonates, since ever.

What are or have been your points of reference?

We love many things, even contradictory ones, but from each one we can take even just one detail.
Citing the first that come to mind: Olivetti and the Italian graphics of the 50s and 60s, futurism, punk music, Bruno Munari, Daniel Buren, Donald Judd, Tauba Auerbach, Angelo Mangiarotti, Piero Portaluppi.

Where are you going now?

In an abstract and optical future.

What binds you to Japan?

Ikko Tanaka, the carpet of moss around a small temple near Kyoto whose name I don't remember, the graphic design, especially that of the sweets, the laughter of the girls taking pictures of themselves under the cherry trees during the hanami, the hanami, the ryokan, the sencha and the teapots.

How important is music in your work? what are you listening to in this period?

It matters a lot! Walter is the music art director of the studio, the music relates to his mood of the moment, these days Satie and Sakamoto.
Always punk rock and now also experimental pop, ambient, lo-fi, post-punk, new wave...

A dream in the drawer.

Just draw striped things from a tree house.