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Soothing 'n Dreaming Tunes

Ichiko Aoba and Hayato Aoki: two young musicians to discover to spend a few hours elsewhere, lulled by soft Japanese melodies.

by Nanban

Following an ineluctable law of attraction of opposites, it is in Japan that the extreme frenzy of everyday rhythms - almost a cliché of the Western imagination with regards to the land of the Rising Sun - is opposed by a strenuous and constant search for spaces of contemplation and calm, which doesn’t just mean meditation and Zen gardens, but is also reflected in a large group of musicians who create more or less minimal melodies, from electronic to folk music, devoted to appeasing the chaos that surrounds them.

Among these, two voices have appeared on the music scene in recent years.
Both more belonging to the ranks of folk music, both virtuosos of the acoustic guitar.
Ichiko Aobe and Hayato Aoki.

She is a star of the Japanese independent scene, born in 1990, with important collaborations with legends such as Cornelius and Sakamoto, he is definitely more niche; he lets the guitar do everything, she also expresses herself through an extraordinary soprano voice.

Hayato Aoki

She is really active - seven albums in the last twelve years, but also soundtracks and music for advertising, works of art, as well as the foundation of her own record label - eclectic Aoki, who in addition to recording albums also enjoys designing clothes: two worlds with many points in common, melodies that go beyond language, to the point that even without knowing Japanese, Aobe's voice - with sometimes dark lyrics, to counterbalance the dreamy voice - reaches straight to the heart.

Two young musicians to discover to spend a few hours elsewhere, lulled by soft Japanese melodies.