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Horin Incense Coil / Returning Spirit - Genroku

€ 45
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Genroku ("Returning Spirit") is a special sandalwood-based incense dedicated to the Genroku period, which marks the highest point of Edo period culture, with Japanese arts in full blossom. High-grade aromatic aged woods and fine herbs commemorate a culture's golden age with a vibrant fragrance. Handmade by Shoyeido, one of the most famous Japanese incense manufacturers, founded in 1705 by Moriyoshi Rokuzaemon Hata in the heart of Kyoto after learning the art of making incense at the Imperial Palace, choosing carefully since twelve generations today, with the same care, the finest selection of raw materials. Starting from the fragrant woods of sandalwood (Byakudan) and from the precious agar resin (Jinko), which form the basis of the best Japanese incense, the masters of Shoyeido mix - according to proportions handed down for centuries and keeping under control the humidity and the time of drying necessary - finely ground natural ingredients and plant-based spices, combining them with spring water and a natural binding material called tabuko, which binds all the elements together without the need for a bamboo core. The result is a refined incense that burns for an extraordinary long time, filling the environment with Japanese delicacy. 10 coils, Ø 5 cm, burning time approx. 2 hours and 20 minutes minutes. Including a sleek ceramic incense holder. Incense. The perfect incense to establish a fragrant balance around you at any time. 7 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm