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Fukumaru Japanese Rice - 1kg

€ 13
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Grown in Ibaraki prefecture, the cradle of Koshihikari or Akitakomachi rice varieties, Fukumaru Rice is a new rice type sprung by the natural blend of Fusaotome and Hitachi rice, created to obtain one of the largest grains in Japanese Rice, with a great water retention texture and a superior umami flavor. Thank to its large grain size, Fukumaru rice still tastes good or even better when the rice is cold, remaining soft and fluffy, and it's a perfect match with any kinds of dishes, but it is especially great when eaten with eggs, pickled plums, and grilled salmon. Rice. Fukumaru rice brings out more flavor in your dishes and makes them even more enjoyable. 27 cm x 16 cm x 5 cm