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Awaji island rare salt

€ 20
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This salt is harvested in Goshikicho, on Awaji Island, considered by Japanese mythology to be the first island of the archipelago to be created by the hands of the primordial deities Izanagi-no-Mikoto and Izanami-no-Mikoto. And the name given to this salt, Onokoro shizuku, Onokoro's drop, derives from the oldest name of the island, Onokoro. After being harvested, the salt crystallizes naturally by a sun drying process. It is then slowly roasted with wood chips to highlight its iodine flavor before being set to rest in cedar barrels. Salt usually represents 1% of the volume of sea water used and this high quality rare salt only represents a tenth of the salt extracted. Additive and preservative-free, it contains all minerals and trace elements of seawater. It retains a unique umami flavor thanks to the traditional production process and the slow and natural crystallization. It has a beautiful crystallized aspect with a subtle savory taste. Salt flakes melt like snow flakes in the mouth and it is used by chefs as a finishing touch and is perfect paired with wasabi to accompany a steak, with sea bream or squid basted in lemon juice or to enhance the natural flavors of vegetables, grilled or steamed. 75 g. Keep away from humidity. Close tightly after opening. Seawater 100%. A divine touch of Seto Inland sea for your most special dishes. 12 cm x 10 cm x 4 cm