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Hana no Tsuyu Yamanoka shōchū

€ 35
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One of a kind, this shōchū (literally "burnt sake", a distillate similar in flavor to vodka) is produced in the current Kurume (once called Jōjima), Fukuoka prefecture, on the island of Kyūshū: here, in the cradle of shōchū, in this country blessed for over three hundred years by the pristine waters of the Chikugo river that flows into the homonymous plain, a prized rice of the Yamadanishiki variety and a lush shiso grow, the main ingredients of Yamanoka Shiso shōchū. Red shiso, a typical medicinal and ornamental plant which is said to originally come from the Himalaya mountains, used in Japan to color and flavor drinks and condiments, gives a special intense and at the same time refreshing aroma, which makes Yamanoka Shiso shōchū perfect both on the rocks and in cocktails. It is also an ideal food pairing, as it fits well with meat, fish or cheese and it can also be enjoyed mixed with cold water to obtain the so-called Mizuwari (水割り, "cut with water"), the popular way of drinking spirits in Japan, made with two parts of cold water and one part of shōchū, together with some ice. 72cl, 20% alc. Shōchū. An amazing discovery and a great way to enter the world of shōchū. 30 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm