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Immersion dripper V60 switch set

€ 60
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The Hario Immersion Dripper Switch set is where the best methods for coffee extraction - pour-over and immersion - meet and join forces. Carefully crafted in Japan, the set includes a heat-resistent glass V60 coffee dripper with a detachable silicone base and stop tap, which controls a stainless steel ball that blocks the water from dripping, allowing to manage the coffee's flow rate and contact time; a borosilicate server with a 300ml capacity for easy brewing and 40 Hario 02 filter paper filters to start brewing. It allows both pour-over extraction and immersion extraction, so that it's possible to experiment and enjoy the best out of both worlds, in search of the ideal coffee body and sweetness. Very easy to use, it helps producing good coffee every time. The base recipe is made by using 12g of medium coarse coffee and 200ml of hot water (between 90° and 95°). The immersion time, should you prefer such methos, is 2 minutes. You can of course freely experiment with both methods, with different grinds, brew times, the amount of coffee and find your sweet spot. Not suitable for use in microwave and best used with V60 paper filter, 02 size, as the ones included. Glass bowl/server: Heatproof glass Base: Silicone rubber Switch: PCT resin Ball: Stainless steel The best way to enter the world of pour-over and immersion coffee, the easy and sleek way. 13 cm x 11 cm x 21 cm