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Iron frying pan 25cm Sori Yanagi

€ 69
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Designed by Japanese design maestro Sori Yanagi and made in Niigata from high quality iron specifically developed for frying pans, this iron pan features spouts on both sides for easy transfer of sauces, quick ventilation and effortless handling. The lid can be rotated, creating gaps of adjustable widths to prevent boiling-over or to discard excess liquids. It requires seasoning prior to first usage, but once the oil has seeped thoroughly, it will last for years. To keep it at its best, once on the stove it is preferable to heat it initially over medium heat, increasing the heat gradually, while after use it is recommended (as in general for iron pans) to apply a thin layer of oil before storing. Do not clean it into a dishwasher. Gas, electric and induction stove safe. Iron and silicon coating (pan), stainless steel (lid). A great pan, with an exceptional and amazingly functional design, which boasts an unparalleled performance and durability. 45 cm x 10 cm x 29 cm