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Far Yeast

Kagua beer - Blanc

€ 7
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Imagine a mix between a Belgian witbier and a full-bodied Belgian blonde ale, add the best Japanese aromas from yuzu and sanshō and you've got Kagua Blanc. As all Kagua beers, it combines the best of the Belgian and Japanese brewing tradition to create a full-bodied, imperial blanche with a creamy head. The nose is very fresh and fruity, thanks to the dominant aroma of yuzu, while at the same time showing off the malt, especially the wheat, and a lovely spiciness from sanshō, the Japanese pepper relative to Sichuān pepper. Designed to be paired with the finest foods, it's another gem from the Japanese Far Yeast brewery, widely acclaimed and awarded. Alc. 8%, 330ml. barley malt, wheat malt, hop, yuzu, shanso, sugar, beer yeast. A beer unlike any beer you've tried before and the best blend between the Belgian and Japanese brewing tradition, designed to be paired with the finest foods: get ready to be amazed! 17 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm