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Far Yeast

Kagua beer - Saison

€ 7
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Kagua Saison is the Japanese take on the traditional saison beer: the result is a dark gold Belgian ale, very drinkable and light, as all saison, with a creamy head, where the aromas given by yuzu and sanshō are not only complementary, but also characterizing. The nose is very fruity, with a bold yuzu aroma and a sharp peppery sanshō scent. This is a great beer that suits all occasions and dishes, unique and very refreshing. Alc. 6%, 330ml.

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barley malt, wheat malt, hop, yuzu, shanso, sugar. A beer unlike any beer you've tried before and the best blend between the Belgian and Japanese brewing tradition, designed to be paired with the finest foods: get ready to be amazed! 17 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm