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Bijito junmai ginjo sake

€ 26
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Fragrant, light and dry, Bijito Junmai Ginjo sake is produced near Kyoto, using rice whose grains are 60% polished (a prerequisite to be in the Junmai Ginjo category, one of the highest levels in sake production) and the excellent Fushimizu spring waters, ideal for sake production thanks to its special mineral balance, without the addition of alcohol. Very round on the palate, it releases notes of white lilac, plum and algae, as well as spices and licorice. Perfect to accompany the dishes of Japanese gastronomy, it also turns out to be surprisingly pleasant even when drunk away from meals. 72cl, 14.5% alc. Sake. A perfect introduction to Nihonshu, one of Japan’s most traditional and symbolic beverage. 28 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm