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A figurine of Osaki, depicting a magpie, a bird widespread over the world and which in Japan is considered a symbol of good luck and victory, due to its slightly mocking chatter. In addition to being a figurine, it is also a whistle, with a soft timbre, like the low notes of an ocarina. It is handcrafted by Masahiro Takayanagi, the only craftsman who carries on the tradition of Osaki figurines, one of the symbols of Saga Prefecture, in whose area they have been produced since the 13th century, when the Mongol invaders who settled permanently in Japan were used to use the scraps of pottery to make whistles and figurines, as was the tradition in Mongolia. Being handmade, they are all slightly different and some imperfections are possible. Clay, painting. Japanese art in its simplest and most essential form, to enrich your home with a precious detail. 4 cm x 9 cm x 6 cm