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Ponzu sauce with daikon

€ 10
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Ponzu sauce is a very popular sauce in Japan, traditionally made with soy sauce, dashi stock and citrus juice. This ponzu is made with Koikuchi Marudaizu soy sauce mixed with yuzu and sudachi juice as well as grated gensuke daikon, a specialty cultivated in Kaga, in Ishikawa Prefecture. This Japanese radish has a smoother texture and a more delicate taste than usual daikon and it gives a wonderful texture to this sweet, sour and fruity seasoning sauce. Perfect to season meat and grilled fish, salads, tempura or gyoza, this ponzu sauce can also be used as a dressing sauce. 200ml. soy sauce (43,23%), brewed vinegar (14,43%), water (12,84%), grated daikon (11,06%), yuzu juice (4,42%), sugar (3,61%), rice vinegar (3,56%), mirin (3,32%), sudachi juice (2,21%), fermented seasoning (0,74%), kombu extract (0,58%) - allergens: soybean, wheat A high quality ponzu, to simply forget about the products of large-scale distribution. 20 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm