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Serizawa foulard - iroha syllables 70cm

€ 35
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Around 1940, well before he was designated as a Living National Treasure (人間国宝), Keisuke Serizawa started elaborating designs around the forty-seven graphs of the cursive Japanese phonetic script known as Hiragana. Read downward from the right in columns, the syllables are arranged in the same traditional order as in an ancient poem that uses each of them once only, starting i-ro-ha: which is why this design is named Iroha Syllables. This foulard, measuring 70x70cm, is one of the best and most elegant outcome he achieved on this theme. Polyester. An easy and fancy foulard, a perfect example of beauty and grace in textile design for everyday use. 70 cm x 70 cm x 1 cm