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Serizawa's furoshiki - Aesop’s fables 130cm

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This peculiar representation of Aesop’s Fables (called in Japan Isoho Monogatari) is one of the most recognized attempts by Keisuke Serizawa to render Western classics with an elegant Japanese touch. Well before he was designated as a Living National Treasure (人間国宝) in 1956, Serizawa in 1932 executed his first serie of sixteen representations of the latin fables, which were already known in Japan through the Jesuit mission press, that diffused them at the end of the XVII century. Later on he made this wonderful comprehensive design, with a beautiful emerald palette. Made of sturdy and thick cotton, this is a quite big (measuring 1,3x1,3m) furoshiki, which can be also used as a table cloth, as it can be hung on a wall.

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