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Kamenoko Tawashi

Tawashi - natural palm fiber dish scrubber

€ 6
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The scrubbing brush that simply cannot miss in the house of all Japanese, unchanged in form and substance since the day it was created in Tokyo in 1907 by Nishio Shouzaemon, using the same system of woven palm fibers, naturally anti-bacterial. These hand-made biodegradable brushes have since been used for cleaning everything from cutting boards, plates, pots, pans, but also to clean the skin of carrots, radishes, potatoes and so on. Nicknamed Kamenoko, small-turtle in Japanese, due to its shape, its water resistance and incredible durability, it has been the standard in Japan for over a hundred years, guaranteeing three times the durability of its imitations. Good Design Long Life Design Award in 2013. Coconut coir fiber, metal wire. Not just a piece of Japanese history to hold in your kitchen, but an incredibly useful tool, which you won't do without anymore! 11 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm