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The Beer Box - Deluxe

€ 45
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For the most demanding beer connoisseurs, a new Beer box to further explore the world of Japanese beer at its best: an amazing glass, not just for beer, with a pure and essential design and made with the thickest heat-resistant glass that is also light, resilient to shock, as well as being microwave and dishwasher safe. Holding the ideal small beer size (240ml), it is combined with an extraordinary Kagua Saison beer, developed by Far Yeast Brewery, one of the most beloved Japanese beer maker, with a very fruity nose, a bold yuzu aroma and a sharp peppery sanshō scent, for a truly delightful tasting experience. Last but not least, the Futaba, a handy can opener, very popular in Japan during the eighties, with a delightful retro “double leaf” design, that makes it very easy to open cans of different sizes and includes a comfortable bottle opener too! Glass. An even more amazing access to the world of Japanese beer, just waiting to be experienced! 24 cm x 20 cm x 9 cm