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THE bowl - Mino

€ 120
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Every THE rice bowl is designed with human hand in mind: the 12 centimeter diameter of the rice bowl is derived from the average diameter of a Japanese person’s hand when a half-circle is made with the thumb and pointing finger. In other words, it is the perfect size that naturally fits a hand. The height is set at half the diameter, which is 6 centimeters, as the ratio between the pointing finger and thumb is said to be exactly 2:1. Alongside the original THE rice bowl set, made by five different regions of Japan's potteries, known for their distinct pottery styles, (Arita, Kiyomizu, Shigaraki, Seto and Mashiko), THE introduced a few more top-quality rice bowls, equal in shape, but handmade one by one with a unique style by some of the best potters in Japan. MINO (Gifu Prefecture) The Mino ceramic ware has over 1,300 years of history. Following the start of ceramic ware production in the Kamakura period, Oda Nobunaga’s economic policy prompted the construction of the Ōgama kiln, which became a major center of production and under the guidance of Sen no Rikyū’s pupil - the Daimyō and tea master Furuta Oribe - developed unconventionally and innovatively shaped and patterned tea ceremony utensils and other ceramics. The Mino bowl, made in the Shuhoe pottery, uses a unique green nuance, originally developed by Oribe himself. Another authentic masterpiece, which recounts a piece of Japanese pottery's history. Clay. Part of the amazing THE bowl's set, this is an authentic masterpiece and represents a higher level in Japanese ceramics. 12 cm x 12 cm x 6 cm