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THE kitchen sponge big

€ 14
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An extremely powerful industrial sponge for household-use that can clean with water alone. This sponge has been widely used for industrial purposes, such as cleaning tanks in food factories where detergents can’t be used, and at restaurants where oils are frequently used to prepare dishes. Not only is this sponge recommended for washing dishes and cooking utensils, but also for removing burned grease from frying pans, water stains on kitchen countertops, and residue from dish washing liquids and lingering odors in sinks. Even hard-to-remove oil stains can be easily washed away by using hot water at 50℃ (melting point of oil) and above.  The sponge’s most distinguishing factor is the specially formulated synthetic rubber it contains, which when soaked in water, gives it super absorbency and strong frictional force. This specially formulated synthetic rubber is a balanced mixture of two contrasting types of rubber: high oil-absorbing general-purpose latex rubber and moderately adhesive polar polymer latex. This powerful combination makes the fibers stick together and helps prevent the sponge from fraying and wearing down easily. For this reason, it has been counted on to clean in the harshest of environments where sponges are used repeatedly throughout the day. Cotton, synthetic rubber latex coated and urethane foam. The dream of every sink, this sponge is the most amazing tool to keep dishes and cooking utensils clean, even without using detergents! 15 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm