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THE soy sauce cruet

€ 59
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A soy sauce cruet that aims to redefine them all, thanks to an amazing dripless design, that prevents any kind of unnecessary spillage.
 Made in Aomori prefecture by a factory that wields traditional techniques, it prevents spillage by placing the spout on the cap, instead of the bottle. When the cruet is tilted, the soy sauce pours through a thin gap between the bottle and the cap, into the beak-like spout. The spherical attribute of the “beak” prevents the soy sauce from spilling outside of the bottle. All made of crystal glass, known for its high grade of transparency, besides being sleek it allows to perfectly adjust the right amount that pours out. 
It's also perfectly sized to host the right quantity of soy sauce, so that is gets emptied often enough, before the content starts to oxidize and deteriorate. Its proportions make it also easy to wash it and clean it. As a result of focusing on small details, what aims to be the synthesis of all soy sauce cruet has finally come to existence.
 Not only is it perfect for soy sauce, but it is also great for condiments such olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, and vinegar. Crystal glass. Clever and stylish, just the sleekest way to pour all seasonings on your dishes. 5 cm x 5 cm x 11 cm