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Sekiya Brewery Co.

ENTER.sake Silver

€ 37

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When a small but renowned sake producer, Sakiya, immersed since over 150 years in the heart of the Japanese Alps, meets one of the most beloved and visionary DJs in the world and a passionate sake connoisseur for over twenty years, Richie Hawtin, a special product is born, ENTER.sake. Not just an excellent quality sake, which gradually rises from the Honjozo of the Black version to the peaks of the Junmai Daiginjo of the Gold version, but a unique and extraordinary project of introduction to sake, which intends to offer the best of a still little known world outside Japan. Produced from the purest waters coming from the springs of the Kitashitara district, in the Chūbu region, Silver sake is a Junmai ginjo, which means it requires a 55% rice milling (aka Seimai buai, 精米歩合) and is strictly produced without addition of alcohol. The word Ginjo indicates the bouquet of aromas that characterize this precious class of sake, usually fruity and floral. The result is an aromatic Ginjo sake with honeysuckle on the nose and floral notes of cherry blossoms. Has good weight on the palate with notes of mango, Asian pear, and honeydew melon. Finishes clean and smooth. 720 ml, 16% alc., with an ideal serving temperature between 8° and 15° C. Sake. Perfect to match with dishes such as desserts, shellfish and fish, it takes the tasting experience to another, richer and deeper level. 8 cm x 8 cm x 28 cm