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Mulberry tea w/ roasted brown rice

€ 12

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In the Shikoku region, not far from the shores of Sanuki, on the steep mountainous lands of Okawa, the fresh leaves of mulberry are traditionally hand-picked and carefully selected to make this intense and delicate mulberry tea. Caffeine-free, therefore ideal for children and expecting women, it is finished with a unique Japanese tea process, that enhances the mellow sweetness and gentle smell: a perfect alternative to green tea. This version is meticulously blended with roasted brown rice, harvested in the Kagawa prefecture, in order to obtain the traditional brown tea style (as the one made with green tea), for a deep roasted aroma. Please store away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. 10 tea bags. Mulberry tea, brown rice. A special taste of Japan, to savour while taking a moment for yourself. 23 cm x 12 cm x 3 cm