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Kimchi Roasted Sesame Seeds

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This roasted sesame, perfumed with kimchi is another great way to boost a bowl of white rice with an even spicier and tastier topping. It can also be used to give salads, tofu, meat and fish a kick, to coat the outside of California rolls or to top home-made avocado toasts. The combination of roasted sesame and kimchi brings together the unmistakable flavour of kimchi, the renowned Korean dish, to the amazing taste of sesame, adding the tangy kimchi flavor to roasted sesame. This is really an extraordinary addition to the old bowl of white rice. Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct light. 80g. Roasted sesame, sugar, garlic, salt, soy sauce, protein hydrolisate, kombu dashi, yeast extract, red hot pepper powder, colouring agent (E160c), flavour enhancer (E635), fish sauce (Japanese anchovy), acidulant (E330), sweetener (E960). To boost rice bowls as well as salads with an amazing Japanese touch. 5 cm x 5 cm x 13 cm