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Shibanuma yuzu ponzu sauce

€ 14

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A superior ponzu sauce, the popular Japanese citrus-based sauce which mostly combines soy sauce, dashi and a Japanese citrus, in this case yuzu. Made by Shibanuma, a company funded in 1688 in the department of Ibaraki (north of Tokyo), using traditional methods, such as adopting wooden barrels, some of which date back to the Meiji era to obtain exceptional quality sauces. Its citrusy and rich of umami flavour makes it a great sauce for a wide range of uses, both in Japanese and western cuisine, as salad dressing or to accompany scallops, white fish, fatty meats, avocados, asparagus, artichokes and more. 300 ml. Soy Sauce (48,11%), water (20,98%), glucose-fructose syrup (11,72%), vinegar (11,71%), yuzu juice (4,65%), flavour enhancers (E621, E635, E631, E627) (1,63%), dried bonito seasoning (skipjack tuna) (0,46%), yeast extract (0,56%), lemon juice (0,19%). A classic ponzu sauce with a touch of class given by yuzu, for fans of oriental but also western cuisine. 5 cm x 5 cm x 22 cm