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Shichimi togarashi w/ mikan

€ 12
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Seven spices to enhance your dishes, oriental or otherwise: shichimi (from shichi, seven and mi, flavor in Japanese) is a must in every Japanese's pantry and each region has its own local variations. The specialty that brings the mixture of this shichimi is the mikan, a citrus fruit similar to a very sweet mandarin, the pride of the Wakayama region: combined with another local production well known in the country, the sansho pepper, and the other ingredients (red chili pepper, black sesame, poppy seeds, ginger and aonori seaweed), makes its aroma extraordinary, slightly citrusy and perfect for giving a unique touch to ramen, tempura, soba, miso soups, steaks and salads. 18g. mikan peel (41%), red hot pepper, sansho pepper, black sesame, poppy seeds, ginger, aonori seaweed. A Japanese flavour bomb to give a special boost of taste to all your dishes. 4 cm x 4 cm x 6 cm