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V60 drip kettle Buono 100 - 1L

€ 49
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If the V60 coffee dripper is the heart of drip coffee, the V60 Buono kettle is its perfect companion. Compact yet capacious, holding up to 1 liter (equal to 0,6 of practical capacity), this narrow-mouthed kettle is essential to obtain an impeccable pour-over coffee. Pouring hot water precisely over finely-ground coffee allows the water to gently permeate the grounds, letting them expand, drawing out the coffee's rich flavor to the fullest extent: a result that only a narrow-mouthed kettle proved to achieve, as the hot water drips out slowly and evenly, giving all the necessary control over the speed of the pour, to assure that the strength of pour-over is exactly as expected. Neatly designed and made in Japan, it incorporates an unmistakable round shape that reminds that of the V60 coffee dripper and an ergonomically-designed handle. Compatible with all types of heat source, including induction stove tops. Stainless Steel. To achieve the best drip coffee, an amazing classic. 27 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm