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Gohan desu yo!

€ 8
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Gohan Desu yo! literally means "that's rice!" and the reason is clear: consisting of a seaweed paste seasoned and stewed for a short time in soy sauce to preserve its aroma, Gohan Desu yo! can be defined as the (salty) equivalent of Nutella, that is to say one of the most popular condiments in Japan to flavor and make white rice more delicious (but there are also many other recipes that involve it, all to be discovered!). It has a smooth and appetizing texture with a rich taste of scallops and bonito and an intense aroma given by seaweeds collected in the Ise Bay. 180g. Seaweed, Soy sauce (water, soybean, wheat, salt), millet jelly, sugar glucose fructose syrup (from corn), mono sodium L-Glutamate, bonito extract, tamarind seed gum, caramel color class1, scallop extract, disodium 5-inosinate, agar, disodium succinate, sodium acetate. A unique flavor, adored by everyone in Japan, to make rice truly special! 6 cm x 6 cm x 8 cm