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Bakasco hot sauce

€ 14
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Bakasco, whose name inevitably evokes the famous Tabasco, is a mellow and refreshing hot sauce that combines yuzu juice and kaki vinegar to chili pepper while preserving the flavor of each ingredient. After the sourness of kaki vinegar wrapped up with the smooth scent of yuzu, a punchy and spicy taste is unveiled. It was named after Bando (“Ba”) and Kawazoe (“Ka”), the two Tokushima based producers who partnered to create this flavorful condiment. Bando is a small family owned company based in the Tokushima department of Shikoku Island, which grows Japanese citrus fruits on a small surface of about 7700m². It is one of the only companies in Japan to be certified organic for Japanese citrus fruits, from fruit growing to production. Kawazoe specializes in various fruits and makes the special kaki vinegar used in the Bakasco. Just one or two drops of this hot sauce in pasta, pizza or french fries give a spicy and refreshing flavor. It goes well with burgers, tacos, beef tartar, ceviche, carpaccio or gazpacho. This sauce can also be added to ramen or udon broth and it goes also very well with sashimi, okonomiyaki and Japanese cuisine altogether. 60ml.

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Yuzu juice (60%), kaki vinegar (35%), salt (4,75%), yuzu peel (0,2%), red chili pepper (0,05%). To give a flavorful, spicy, refined touch to every dish, there is nothing more to do than to add a few drops of Bakasco! 14 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm