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The Kyoto Distillery

Kin no bi Gold Gin

€ 89

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For the lovers of products of excellence, a special limited edition gin created by Kyoto Distillery, a small but resourceful Japanese distillery famous for Ki No Bi gin. The N added not surprisingly forms the word Kin (金, gold), because this limited edition, in addition to being produced with the special selection of Ki No Bi gin, following the tradition of adding gold leaves to sake on special occasions (weddings, New Year celebrations, festivals), brings with it the presence of floating fragments of gold leaves, produced by the legendary Horikin, who has been working gold and precious metals in Kyoto since 1711. An unmistakable and award-winning taste, characterized by some exclusively Japanese aromas, which alongside juniper, among other botanicals, include Hinoki wood, iris, yuzu, sanshō, kinome sprouts, bamboo, gyokuro tea and sisho leaves; each of which is distilled separately, to extract it in purity, before the final assembly. The result is an extraordinary perfume, rich in citrus, floral and aromatic herbs, which remains pleasantly impressed in the mouth. To drink alone, but also perfect for creating unforgettable cocktails. Icing on the cake, the label, specially designed by the historic Kira Karacho atelier in Kyoto, since 1624 the temple of Karakami paper. 700 ml, 45,7% alc. Gin, gold leaves. Unique and precious, the perfect gin to give or to taste on special occasions. 9 cm x 9 cm x 28 cm