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Candied iyokan peel

€ 5
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The unique flavor of organically grown iyokan - more bitter than an orange, but sweeter than a grapefruit - sourced from Ehime prefecture, renowned for its citruses, crystallized in delicious peels to be eaten directly as small snacks during the day or to be used as a special garnish for desserts, pancakes and other preparations, to give a tasty and sweet touch of Japan. Since a variant in the shape of a pentagon is also cultivated, iyokan is considered an auspicious citrus fruit in Japan and it is customary to give it as a gift to students taking exams. 30g. Iyokan (Iyo Citrus) (40%), Sugar (30%), Reduced starch syrup (25%), Acidulant L-ascorbic acid (5%). A wonderful touch of freshness and Japan in the mouth. 10 cm x 14 cm x 1 cm