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Igeta koikuchi soy sauce

€ 12
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A superior quality dark soy (Koikuchi) sauce, three years aged and additive-free, ideal for finishing or seasoning. Koikuchi is the classic, general purpose soy sauce we all learned to know and love and is made from equal parts of soy bean and wheat, retaining a salty, deep umami flavour. While most soy sauce is made with cheap soybean meal, the Igeta is part of the tiny 4% fraction of all soy sauce which is still handmade from whole, Japanese soybeans. Founded in 1864, Inoue Honten are 6th generation soy sauce producers, which still use traditional techniques handed down and improved from father to son. 370ml. Try and taste the true soy sauce flavour! Soybean, wheat, Koji-kin, salt. To finally savor your Japanese food like you've never done before, with the quality of a handmade product. 6 cm x 6 cm x 20 cm